Screensaver Design & Programming: Beautiful Ohio

Beautiful Ohio Screensaver

screensaver design & programming

OhioGroupRating.com wanted to increase traffic to their website and generate goodwill among potential and current customers by offering a free downloadable screensaver.

PavlishGroup developed the "Beautiful Ohio" screensaver, featuring a dozen scenic photos of the Buckeye state accompanied by interesting trivia items. Animated effects provide fun transitions between screens. The OhioGroupRating.com logo and slogan remains constant on each screen, subtly reenforcing the company's branding.

The screensaver proved wildly successful and has been downloaded by thousands of companies all over the state. By popular demand, a second volume recently debuted featuring eighteen all-new photos and trivia items.

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DVD Video Production Cleveland Museum of Art

Cleveland Museum of Art

multimedia productionDVD creation

The Cleveland Museum of Art was hosting a nationally-acclaimed special exhibition and wished to attract visitor attention by projecting an eye-catching video at the exhibit's entrance.

PavlishGroup partnered with the museum's design firm to create a video loop featuring attention-grabbing visuals and music that complemented the art on display within.

The video was projected from DVD as a continuous loop onto a large wall in the museum lobby, attracting the attention of hundreds of visitors a day throughout the run of the exhibit.

Online Marketing: CPL

Complete Personnel Logistics

website design & programmingextranet development

A member of the prestigious Weatherhead 100, Complete Personnel Logistics (CPL) is a leading provider of human resource services, including payroll processing, workers' compensation and 401(k) plans, and driver leasing and recruiting. The company needed a website that would highlight each of their focus areas and generate new business leads.

PavlishGroup created a website that powerfully conveys CPL's branding and successfully generates leads from around the country via a pay-per-click search engine campaign.

In addition, a private, password-protected extranet allows CPL to communicate with existing clients and reduce customer service costs.

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Web and Flash Programming: COSEMCO

COSE / Greater Cleveland Growth Association

website design & programmingflash programmingPDF automation

Once every two years, the Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation (BWC) allows employers to switch their Managed Care Organization during a single three week period known as "open enrollment."

COSE, the small business division of the Greater Cleveland Partnership, endorsed 1-888-OHIOCOMP as their preferred MCO during the most recent open enrollment period. COSE needed a website that would convey this endorsement to their 16,700 member companies and allow these companies to enroll online.

PavlishGroup created an attractive, information-rich website that helped attract new members to COSE's MCO plan.

Web and Flash Programming: Cuyahoga Arts & Culture

Cuyahoga Arts and Culture

website design & programmingflash programming

Approved by voters in 2006, Cuyahoga Arts and Culture (CAC) is one of the largest local public sector funders of arts and culture in the United States. CAC needed a website that allowed them to quickly and effectively communicate with grant applicants, awardees, and the general public.

PavlishGroup created a site that's simple to navigate, packed with information, and visually stunning. A custom content management system allows CAC to add meetings and workshops to an calendar that automatically creates driving directions and an embedded Google map of the event location.

Each page of the CAC site features an animated Flash header that slowly and randomly dissolves between various photographs, paintings, prints, maps, and other documents showcasing the diversity of arts and culture in Cuyahoga County. PavlishGroup reached out to over a dozen local photographers, artists and institutions to contribute images for this header. Not a single "stock photo" was employed – all images are authentically "home grown" as so to remain true to the spirit of CAC's mission.

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Flash animation: Dynamis

Dynamis Advisors

web design & programmingflash animationextranet development

Dynamis Advisors provides strategic planning, capital development, and board governance services for major health care and educational institutions nationwide. The firm needed a website with a sophisticated visual tone that would appeal to chief decision makers in these institutions - typically CEOs, CFOs, and members of the board.

PavlishGroup created a website that provides in-depth information on Dynamis' services and experience. Successful case studies are highlighted and team member bios are spotlighted. The content is anchored in a visual design that is sophisticated and professional in tone, using subtle Flash animation to pique audience interest.

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Website portfolio: IDU

Interspective Design Unlimited

website design & programmingsearch engine optimization (SEO)

Interspective Design has been providing interior design services for residential and corporate clients for over 30 years. The firm needed a website that would showcase their work to potential clients via extensive photography and engaging text.

PavlishGroup developed a website highlighting the firm's work through multiple photo galleries organized by project type. The galleries feature photo thumbnails that link to full-size photos in order to show off the firm's craftmanship and attention to detail.

The site also features an innovative, lead-generating contact form allowing prospective customers to upload digital photos of their interior space in need of a makeover.

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Flash design portfolio: Lake Ridge

Lake Ridge Academy

flash design & programmingmultimedia production

Founded in 1963, Lake Ridge Academy is one of Cleveland's most innovative private schools. The institution was embarking on a campaign to increase enrollment, and wanted to add a multimedia presentation to their website that would showcase the Lake Ridge experience.

PavlishGroup worked with Desberg and Associates, a full-service advertising agency, to create a six-minute Flash presentation themed to the agency's print and radio campaign.

The Flash presentation features over 75 photographs animated in concert with vibrant music and engaging narration. At the end of the presentation, an interactive form allows prospective students and parents to request more information from the school's admissions office.

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Search Engine Optimization and PPC campaigns: Minute Men

Minute Men Staffing Services

web design & programmingpay-per-click marketing (PPC)

Minute Men Staffing Services is one of the largest providers of temporary labor in the United States, serving industrial areas of the midwest since 1968. The company needed a website that would attract new clients and reenforce existing relationships.

PavlishGroup built a website providing in-depth information on Minute Men's services and advantages. The site features engaging graphics and a sophisticated visual feel.

The site's content is optimizied for maximum search engine visibility. Additionally, PavlishGroup manages an ongoing pay-per-click search engine campaign with high visibility on Google, Yahoo, and MSN. This cost-effective campaign brings in a steady stream of new business for the company.

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Interactive CD-ROM Programming: NEOSA

Northeast Ohio Software Association (NEOSA)

interactive CD-ROM programmingvideo production

NEOSA is an organization of over 800 members representing Northeast Ohio's information technology community.

The association needed an innovative, attention-grabbing direct mail piece to promote its annual CAKI Awards ceremony. PavlishGroup designed a interactive CD-ROM featuring original video, photos, animation, and music.

The CD-ROM invitation was viewed by hundreds of IT leaders and trendsetters in the area, resulting in increased awareness of the event.

Website design using PHP: Ohio Group Rating


web design & programmingpay-per-click marketing (PPC)

OhioGroupRating.com is a leading provider of workers' compensation group rating programs in Ohio. The company wished to replace a cumbersome paper-based approval process with a streamlined web-based application.

A key challenge was that this online application needed to generate printable documentation meeting strict criteria set forth by the Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation.

PavlishGroup designed a website that allows potential clients to submit their applications online. The website then automatically generates a customized PDF document meeting the state's legal guidelines. This innovative approach resulted in OhioGroupRating.com being the first group rating provider in the state to utilize an online approval process.

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Multimedia Production: Reserve Square

Reserve Square

Video Production3D AnimationCD-ROM AuthoringDVD Authoring

Reserve Square is one of the largest apartment complexes in downtown Cleveland, its two 23-story towers spanning an entire city block. The property was recently purchased by new owners who wanted to showcase the building's numerous amenities to prospective tenants.

PavlishGroup created a seven-minute video showcasing Reserve Square in partnership with Desberg & Associates, a full-service advertising agency. The video highlights Reserve Square's spacious suites, beautifully landscaped patios, a convenient lobby with grocery store and coffee shop, and well-equipped workout facilities.

Additionally, to convey the layout of the building and suites, PavlishGroup worked from Reserve Square blueprints to create "fly-through" sequences animated in 3D.

To reach the widest possible audience, PavlishGroup created versions of the video to be streamed from the Reserve Square website, viewed from CD-ROM as part of a direct mail campaign, and played back on a plasma monitor in the rental office via DVD.

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Search Engine Placement: Tumbl Trak

Tumbl Trak

search engine optimization (SEO)pay-per-click marketing (PPC)

Tumbl Trak is a leading manufacturer of equipment for gymnastics, cheerleading, and dance. The company created an e-commerce enabled website to sell products online, and needed an extensive search engine campaign to drive customers to the site.

PavlishGroup developed an ongoing pay-per-click campaign in which dozens of keywords are purchased on Google, MSN, and Yahoo. In addition, PavlishGroup optimized Tumbl Trak's website for maximum organic ranking in the search engines' non-paid listings, and created a lead intelligence tool to track incoming inquiries.

The campaign delivers high search engine visibility and has ranked Tumbl Trak ahead of dozens of its competitors. It continues to generate significant business for Tumbl Trak on a daily basis.

Interactive Presention: University Hospitals

University Hospitals

multimedia production

University Hospitals' Five Star Sensation is a biennial charity event which in 2005 raised $1.3 million for Ireland Cancer Center. The fundraiser brings over 60 of the world's top chefs including Wolfgang Puck, Kerry Heffernan and Luciano Pellegrini to Cleveland where they prepare a gourmet dinner for over 1,500 donors.

The event's organizers desired a multimedia presentation celebrating the fundraiser and showcasing the chefs' activities during their three-day stay in Cleveland. The presentation was to be screened at a VIP after-party only hours after the main event ended — leaving very little time for production.

PavlishGroup's photographers accompanied the chefs around town, documenting private batting practice at Jacob's Field, an exclusive reception at the home of University Hospital's CEO, and the main dinner event itself. As the dinner ended, PavlishGroup's team rushed to the after-party location, programming and editing the multimedia presentation on laptops while still en route. Within minutes of arriving, PavlishGroup had computer and video equipment deployed and the final presentation running as guests streamed in.

The presentation was a smash hit - crowds gathered around the flat-panel displays cheering themselves in action only hours before.